EvryRNA : C-RCPred

C-RCPred: Constrained RNA Complex Prediction

C-RCPred is a multi-objective tool for secondary structure prediction of RNA complexes taking into account constraints (base pairs, single bases, helices, loops, pseudoknots) and probing data (SHAPE, PARS, DMS).


C-RCPred handle the prediction of pseudoknots and of crossing interactions.

It returns several sub-optimal secondary structures.


It takes as inputs several possible secondary structures for each RNA strand involved in the complex and several possible interactions for each pair of RNAs.


C-RCPred is based on a constrained maximum weight clique graph problem. The principal idea is to find the best combinations of the inputs forming cliques that can be derived into secondary structures of a complex.



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For any questions, comments or suggestions about RCPred, please feel free to contact: fariza.tahi@ibisc.univ-evry.fr