EvryRNA : miRNAFold

Ab initio miRNA prediction in genomes

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If you want to run miRNAFold with multifasta file, please click on the following link: NEW: Multifasta file
  • Paste your sequence in fasta format or upload a fasta file using the field above
  • Select the size of the searching window on the genome (default value:150)
  • Select the minimal size of the hairpins that miRNAFold will search (default value: 0)
  • Select the maximal energy of hairpins that miRNAFold will search (default value:0)
  • Select the percentage of verified features, this parameter will change the number of results. (default value:70)
  • Select the species parameters which correspond to where your sequence comes from (default value: All miRBase)

    A list of features used for the verification is available here : List of features used


      • The artificial sequence was created by the concatenation of human mRNAs and the insertion of 100 human pre-miRNAs.
      • The mRNA sequences came from the Human genome (build 37.2) of the NCBI Website and the pre-miRNAs came from miRBase database (release 17).
      • Pre-miRNA lengths are from 63 to 110 nucleotides and the start position of pre-miRNAs begins every 300 nucleotides, the first pre-miRNA starting at position 300.
      • The total length of the artificial sequence is 30 500 nucleotides.
      • Species: Homo sapiens
      • Sequence size: 50001 nucleotides
      • Species: Mus musculus
      • Sequence size: 58001 nucleotides
      • Species: Oryza sativa
      • Sequence size: 30001 nucleotides

    For any questions, comments or suggestions about miRNAFold, please feel free to contact: fariza.tahi@ibisc.univ-evry.fr